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ECCO Board Meeting, new CEO

The first meeting of the newly-elected ECCO Board took place in Brussels on 24 February 2016.  The Board took this opportunity to discuss ECCO’s key focus areas of quality cancer care and oncopolicy as well as matters related to governance, the ECCO2017 European Cancer Congress and much more.  The meeting was preceded by an induction for Board members who were not part of the previous ECCO Board.

At the Board meeting, the new ECCO treasurer Dr Vincent Gregoire (EORTC) was elected.

The Board paid its farewell to ECCO CEO, Michel Ballieu and thanked him for his successful and inspiring work for ECCO during the past 10 years of dedicated service.

ECCO’s new CEO, Birgit Beger, attended this Board meeting and then officially stepped into her position on 1 March.  We thank you for extending your full support to Birgit as she leads the executive office of ECCO in its work to fulfil ECCO’s mission.

Peter Naredi in “Cancer World”

Pick up the new issue of Cancer World magazine for an illuminating piece by ECCO President Peter Naredi.

Speaking of ECCO’s unique multidisciplinary vision, he says:
“As a federation of 23 professional societies working in oncology in Europe and beyond, ECCO is fully equipped and best positioned to achieve this purpose.”

Peter Naredi shares his thoughts on ECCO’s strategic plan and current priorities. He focuses on ECCO’s unique strengths as an organisation:
“ECCO member societies bring their advanced expertise to this work drawing on the huge progress they have made in designing guidelines and delivering education to their own membership. ECCO has placed the patient perspective at the core of its work. Patient advocacy organisations are actively involved through their participation in the ECCO Patient Advisory Committee whose Chair sits on the ECCO Board.”

Read the full article in Cancer World here.

Oncopolicy Committee

ECCO is pleased to announce that the new Chair of its Oncopolicy Committee is ESTRO's Philip Poortmans.

Throughout his distinguished career, Philip Poortmans has had a strong focus on promoting multidisciplinarity in cancer treatment.  He works closely with ECCO’s diverse member societies to foster a genuine multidisciplinary team spirit for better outcomes and quality of life for patients.

The new ECCO Oncopolicy Committee is composed of representatives of ECCO’s member societies and of the ECCO Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) and we very much look forward to their expert contributions to the evolution of ECCO’s oncopolicy agenda.

ECCO Oncopolicy Committee:

Chair: Philip Poortmans


Dirk Arnold, ESMO
David Cameron, BIG
Andreas Charalambous, EONS
Alberto Costa, ESO
Carien Creutzberg, ESGO
Jan Willem Dekker, ESCP
Roberto Delgado Bolton, EANM
Velina Grigorova, ESOP
Margaret Hutka, FAC
Christoph von Kalle, EACR 
Robert Mansel, EUSOMA
Anastassia Negrouk, EORTC
Hendrik Van Poppel, EAU
Riccardo Soffietti, EANO
Luzia Travado, IPOS
Gilles Vassal, SIOPE
Cornelis van de Velde, ESSO
Hans Wildiers, SIOG
Wendy Yared, ECL
Bert van Herk, ECCO PAC 

For further information, please contact Ingrid van de Neucker  


Oncopolicy: Recognising the Value of Cancer Nursing in Europe

The ECCO Board created a workstream to tackle the issues that need to be addressed to ensure an optimal oncology workforce for Europe’s cancer patients.  As announced by ECCO at the European Cancer Congress in Vienna last year, encouraging the recognition of oncology nursing in Europe will be one of ECCO’s top priorities to be taken up together with EONS – the European Oncology Nursing Society.  ECCO’s focus on this area is aligned with EONS’ strategic aim which is: “To strengthen EONS political voice and impact across Europe”. ECCO and EONS have therefore embarked on a joint project – read all about it in this letter by Professor Daniel Kelly, EONS President

For further information, please contact Ingrid van de Neucker

ECCO Patient Advisory Committee

The ECCO Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) met on 16 February.  The Committee is now working very hard to shape the dedicated patient advocacy sessions at the European Cancer Congress (ECCO2017) and to contribute its essential patient perspective to the overall scientific programme of the event. PAC Chair is Dr Ian Banks (MD) who is a part of ECCO’s new governance also attending ECCO Board meeting in this function.

The PAC is scheduled to meet again on 4 May at the ECCO offices in Brussels.

For further information
Françoise Van Hemelryck 

ECCO2017 European Cancer Congress 27-30 January 2017, Amsterdam

The ECCO2017 Congress Core Committee and Scientific and Society Liaison Committee have worked tirelessly to shape the innovative scientific programme of the meeting.

Download the ECCO2017 Advance Programme to your device (12mb), and the printed edition will be released in early May.

You can already find essential Congress information on ECCO2017 at eccocongress.org

We count on your cooperation in encouraging your members to attend ECCO2017.  Invite them to attend a uniquely multidisciplinary meeting with direct impact on their clinical practice.

We will be sharing with you more updates in the next issue of this newsletter in the second quarter of this year.

For further information, contact Davi Kaur

The ECCO Team

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