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Dear Colleagues and ECCO Stakeholders,

We have been through a time of reflection and renewal.  It has had its challenges as you know from my previous message.
I am now delighted to share with you very exciting news on the future of ECCO:


A New Vision

You are no doubt aware that the ECCO Board worked very hard on an ambitious strategic review which has brought us to a new vision:

To improve outcomes for all cancer patients in Europe through multidisciplinarity

Our core purpose is:

  • To provide a cohesive platform that promotes the concept and practice of multidisciplinarity across all areas of cancer care

  • To be the united voice of European cancer professionals to address common policy issues
Having shaped this new vision, ECCO has been working together with its member societies on defining key initiatives in the areas of multidisciplinary cancer care and oncopolicy.

We have also taken the crucial step of creating a European platform to debate and drive such initiatives and I am very pleased to announce to you our new and unique


ECCO2017 European Cancer Congress, the first of a series of annual conferences

We look forward to welcoming you to Amsterdam on 27-30 January 2017!
In the shifting paradigm of effective cancer management, multidisciplinarity remains the key!

Building on ECCO’s established track record in multidisciplinary cancer treatment and care, ECCO2017 will reflect our organisation’s ongoing commitment to prioritise it as the way forward.  This Congress has the full support of ECCO’s diverse member societies – such as ESSO, ESTRO, EONS, SIOPE and others - who will play an active role in the design of its innovative content.

I am also convinced that a significant proportion of medical oncologists will be attracted by this new forum of exchange of knowledge which will have direct relevance to daily clinical practice.

The Congress’ unique format, didactical yet interactive, will ensure that you learn about the most important new developments from your colleagues’ disciplines in a way that is easy to follow and allows you to see exactly how these developments affect your own practice in modern multidisciplinary oncology.  Since the Congress will be annual, you will always have sound, cutting edge knowledge at your fingertips.

As we are presented with more and more new discoveries in each of our treatment disciplines, as well as in pathology, imaging, supportive and palliative care, discussion of these developments in a multidisciplinary context is vital to driving improvements in the actual patient journey:

  • Today’s innovations – how do we integrate them into multidisciplinary patient cancer care?
  • The innovations of yesterday – how did they work in the real world?
  • How do we prioritise and pay for the most effective approaches?
  • How do we organise cancer care delivery amid rapidly increasing complexity?

This Congress will propose, in a stepwise fashion, minimum criteria for “quality” multidisciplinary cancer care as well as quality indicators for each of the different tumour types. It will provide a multidisciplinary toolkit for the oncologist and other healthcare professionals to take away and implement in their daily practice.

Given the increasing complexity of cancer care, the Congress will discuss the most efficient models of care delivery.  These discussions will incorporate the invaluable contribution of patients who will keep us focused on issues of central importance to them and to society such as the right to be re-integrated into the workforce.

To explore this exciting agenda and ensure actionable recommendations, ECCO2017 will bring together all stakeholders - the oncology community at large; primary care teams including general practitioners; regulators, payers, policymakers and health economics/technology assessment specialists.

I encourage you to be part of these discussions and put this meeting at the top of your agenda. This is the Congress that will delineate, determine, and define your daily practice!  

We look forward to telling you more about it when we see you in Vienna.

ECC2015, the last Congress jointly organised with ESMO, has almost arrived – it is clearly shaping up to be yet another unforgettable exchange for our community and a powerful platform for launching the latest and most exciting breakthroughs in oncology!

I look forward to welcoming you in Vienna!


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