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ECCO’s Vision


ECCO’s core purpose
ECCO exists to provide a cohesive platform for European cancer societies and organisations to work together to improve cancer patient outcomes and to be the unified voice of the European cancer professionals community when addressing common policy issues

ECCO’s core values
The essential and enduring values that guide ECCO in all of its activities are:

  • Patient Centricity – ECCO puts cancer patients at the centre of its concerns and activities and strives to do the very best for them
  • Commitment to Science – ECCO’s policies reflect the very latest scientific knowledge and are independent of any vested interests
  • Cohesiveness -  ECCO believes that combining the efforts of its members goes further towards achieving common goals than the sum of its members’ individual efforts
  • Inclusiveness – ECCO seeks to include all non-profit organisations that share its vision and values
  • Equality and Fairness – All ECCO members have a voice in the organisation and ECCO strives to transcend the interests of any one member
  • Openness and Transparency – ECCO is committed to be transparent in and accountable for all it does

ECCO’s core goal
ECCO’s compelling goal that serves as a unifying focal point for all of its efforts is that:
ECCO seeks to address disparities in cancer outcomes across Europe by achieving synergies between different members’ expertise and knowledge to ensure that the oncology value chain[1] is optimised for all cancer patients

ECCO’s vision for the future
In 20 years’ time, as a result of ECCO’s efforts, fewer European cancer patients will lose their lives, more will survive and all will be helped to live their lives to the full regardless of what stage they are at in their disease journey.


[1] The oncology value chain includes the range of activities and services that multidisciplinary teams and cancer organisations provide for patients at different stages of the cancer journey as well as the support activities that underpin this process (eg. Infrastructure, research, education etc.).


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