European Cancer Organisation

Application form - Collaboration - Not ECCO Member Socities - Policy initiatives (2b)

Applications form for organisations that are NOT ECCO member societies to seek collaboration with ECCO on policy initiatives. These include policy projects, policy events, strategic alliances and EU funded projects informing EU policies.

To be submitted at least 3 months before start of initiative.



  • Entitled to use ECCO name
  • Entitled to use ECCO logo with the mention “in collaboration with”
  • Requested to include ECCO statement referring to ECCO membership when using ECCO name and/or logo (cf. ECCO Partnership and Cooperation Policy document)
  • ECCO is informed and contributes to material produced by the organisation
  • Reasonable opportunities for ECCO input


Promotional opportunities for successful application

  • Promotion level package 3 (cf. ECCO Partnership and Cooperation Policy document)



  • Request from a legal entity (not group of individuals)
  • In line with ECCO’s mission and vision
  • Of multidisciplinary nature
  • Request area in which ECCO can provide significant contribution/has defined policy statements
  • Of value to patients (based on advice from ECCO PAC)
  • Of European geographical scope
  • With no support from commercial companies or, if so, from multiple sources (at least 2 independent ones)


Contact Information
Description of your policy initiative
Documents (Please attach relevant documents accompanying the description of the initiative. For example: Policy event programme, Position statement. Up to 3 documents.)