European Cancer Organisation

Satellite Symposia

Satellite Symposium Programme 

Monday 26 June
12:30 – 13:30, Sala Verde

Menarini Silicon Biosystems:
Liquid Biopsy: A Precise Approach in The Isolation and Study of CTCs

  • Dissecting phenotypic and genomic heterogeneity of circulating tumor cells (CTC) in cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) at single cell level
    Speaker: Dr Carolina Reduzzi (IT)
  • Utilising liquid biopsies to optimise targeted therapies in cancer 
    Speaker: Dr Dominic G. Rothwell (UK)

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The Satellite Symposia give participants the opportunity to take part in an additional scientific session over part of the time allocated for lunch. 
The programme of Satellite Symposia is not affiliated with the EACR-AACR-SIC scientific programme. Satellite Symposia is sponsored by industry and is open to all conference participants.