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ECCO2017 - From evidence to practice in multidisciplinary cancer care



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European Cancer Congress: 27-30 January 2017, Amsterdam

Play your role in shaping the future of cancer care in Europe!
In the shifting paradigm of effective cancer management, multidisciplinarity remains the key. Building on ECCO’s established track record in multidisciplinary care, ECCO2017 will reflect the organisation’s ongoing commitment to prioritise it as the way forward.

At ECCO2017 we will define criteria and indicators of optimal multidisciplinary cancer care and develop the policy initiatives to encourage their adoption across Europe.

Our innovative, multidisciplinary scientific programme will focus on:

  • Today’s innovations – how do we integrate them into patient care?
  • The innovations of yesterday – how did they work in the real world?
  • How do we prioritise and pay for the most effective approaches?
  • How do we organise cancer care delivery amid rapidly increasing complexity?

Our novel educational programme will enhance interdisciplinary knowledge.

Exploring all these areas in a truly multidisciplinary setting with leading scientists and clinicians, policy makers, patient advocates and industry representatives will fill important gaps in today’s oncology conference portfolio and lead us to enlightened, down-to-earth recommendations for the delivery of patient-centred, sustainable cancer care.

Congress Secretariat: Congress Venue:
ECCO - the European CanCer Organisation
Avenue E. Mounier 83
1200 Brussels
Amsterdam RAI
The Netherlands

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