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NEWS: International Association of Cancer Registries conference in September

International cancer registries are essential to cross-border multidisciplinary research and treatment. The 34th annual meeting of the International Association of Cancer Registries takes place this year in Cork, Ireland, in September.

The scientific programme will be centred on Improving Cancer Control through Better Information and will include sessions on data quality, quality assurance, timeliness, prevention, aetiology and burden of disease, the registry as a resasdfasfasdasfsdfource, clinical data and quality of care, survival and quality of life. In addition, there will be workshops before the conference to afford delegates the opportunity to acquire new skills in cancer registration.

The Conference will be followed by meetings of the European Network of Cancer Registries (19th and 20th) and of the CONCORD collaboration (20th and 21st). For more information on this event, go to


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