European Cancer Organisation

NEWS: The European Guide on Quality Improvement in Comprehensive Cancer Control (CANCON)



The European Guide on Quality Improvement in Comprehensive Cancer Control (CanCon) published online on 10th February 2017 gives recommendations on how to boost cancer control in Europe. The Guide is the result of a three-year effort by top experts in 25 countries and 126 partner organisations. As an Associated Partner, the European CanCer Organisation (ECCO) supported the core Work Package 4 - Guide Coordination, and as a Collaborating Partner, contributed to the Work Package 8 on Survivorship and to the policy papers under the Work Package 5 – Member States Platform.

ECCO is pleased it could bring the expertise of its membership and its Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) to this very important project to improve quality of cancer care across Europe and decrease inequalities in cancer outcomes. We commit to widely promote the recommendations of this joint effort and look forward to actively engage all the European multidisciplinary oncology professional societies in its implementation to improve the life of cancer patients and their carers.

The Guide is meant for governments, parliamentarians, health care providers and funders, and cancer care professionals at every level.

Read the Guide here.