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ECCO is committed to engaging cancer patient advocates in its mission to uphold the right of all European cancer patients to the best possible treatment in line with its core value of patient centricity.

Since 2009, the European Cancer Congresses include a track entirely dedicated to the patients' perspective entitled ‘Patient advocacy track'. The programme of this track is developed by experts from the ECCO Patient Advisory Committee (ECCO PAC) and is mostly about getting people to understand better the ‘desires’ of patients rather than just their perceived ‘needs’.

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Patient Advisory Committee

ECCO - the European CanCer Organisation – follows the philosophy that every cancer patient deserves the best. To deliver on this thinking the patient is centered firmly at the core of all ECCO activities and educational programmes.

To emphasise ECCO’s commitment to its patient interest agenda the Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) was established. This timely initiative provides European patient organisations and bodies involved in patient care with a solid platform to express their expectations in solidarity with the professional organisations and afford ECCO direct insight into the issues and challenges faced by cancer patients.

PAC Members Newsletter

The ECCO PAC Members' Newsletter is the official electronic newsletter designed for the members of our Patient Advisory Committee.