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ECC2013 Patient Advocacy Report

Patient care was at the centre of the European Cancer Congress. A two-day track was devoted to patient advocacy with the overall theme of “Collaboration” among all stakeholders involved in cancer care, including patient advocates as instrumental partners in the improvement of cancer outcomes. Some key themes and thoughts emerged from the presentations and discussions within the track:

  • The culture of research in Europe needs to change to stimulate data sharing and coordination
  • The patient advocacy community needs to demonstrate the value of patient involvement
  • Adherence to treatment is strongly influenced by the doctor-patient relationship
  • More and better-designed studies are needed to arrive at specific recommendations for life after treatment (e.g. in terms of diet), ideally providing tailored advice to different patient groups
  • Other key aspects affecting a cancer patient’s return to normal life are physical activity, the unlocking of creative potential and cancer support centres treating the person and not only the cancer
  • Palliation equals alleviation of symptoms, both physical and psychological, and should be addressed earlier on in cancer care
  • Molecular stratification can be successfully integrated into the healthcare system as shown by the French molecular testing initiative
  • Healthcare professionals need to engage more closely with patients in discussing treatment options including possible personalized treatment
  • Healthcare services should tackle the huge differences in cancer survival between men and women across Europe
  • Networks of specialized centres, accreditation schemes and transparent quality criteria may provide robust guidance to patients and reduce the risk of inequality of access to best quality cancer care
  • For young cancer survivors, the survivorship passport should be a standard of care


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