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Patient Advocacy and Ethics Webcasts 2013



Saturday 28 September 2013

Patient Advocacy and Ethics Session: This Week on Talking About Cancer With Richard Sullivan: A Mock TV Talk Show

  • K. Oliver (United Kingdom); J. Pelouchova (Czech Republic) - stage managers   
  • I. Banks (Belgium): welcome message   
  • R. Sullivan (United Kingdom):moderator
  • M. Piccart (Belgium): interviewee 
  • F. Pignatti (United Kingdom):interviewee
  • A.M.M. Eggermont (France): Interviewee
  • R. Bergstrom (Belgium): Interviewee
  • K. Rizvi (Romania): Interviewee
  • M. Wartenberg (Germany): Interviewee   
  • R. Wilson (United Kingdom): Interviewee 


Adherence to Cancer Treatment: Is it Worth it?

  • J. Gore-Booth (France): Chair
  • R. Glynne-Jones (United Kingdom): Is adherence to cancer treatment a problem? - watch webcast here
  • G. Sharf (Israel):Practical findings from a global CML patients adherence survey - watch webcasts here
  • S. Faithfull (United Kingdom):Medication strategies and adherence: We can do better - watch webcast here

Cancer - now What? Returning to Normal Life

  • J. Kelly (Ireland): Chair   
  • S. Bianca (Germany) Patient diary - getting "Back into life" - watch webcast here
  • A. Campbell (United Kingdom):Exercise and cancer prevention - what should patients know? - watch webcast here
  • R. Thompson (United Kingdom): Cancer prevention through diet - what should the cancer survivor know and do? - watch webcast here
  • N. Doyle (United Kingdom): National Cancer Survivorship Research - watch webcast here
  • L. Sharp (Ireland): Returning to work after cancer: What influences it and why is it important? - watch webcast here
  • S. Walshe (Ireland):The role of cancer support centres post treatment


Sunday 29 September 2013

Best Practices: Advocacy - Didn't we do Well?

  • J. Geissler (Germany):co-chair   
  • S. Erdem (Turkey): co-chair  
  • Kossler (Sweden): The role of cancer patient organisations in achieving a national cancer control strategy in Sweden - watch webcast here
  • A. Bogels (Netherlands):Transparency in perspective - watch webcast here
  • E. Iannelli (Italy): Social and cultural revolution in cancer care: the Italian experience based on an alliance among patients, health professionals and institutions - watch webcast here
  • M. Wilcox (United Kingdom): Your biobank needs you - watch webcast here
  • S. Vallone (Italy):A good practice of an ongoing lung cancer clinical trial database designed by an Italian patient advocacy group - watch webcast here
  • E. Manten-Horst (Netherlands):Stop the splendid isolation of adolescents & young adults with cancer - watch webcast here
  • S. Barber (Belgium): Your prostate: awareness raising among men - watch webcast here
  • T. Kolarova (Bulgaria): Follow the Zebra NET cancer awareness campaign - watch webcast here

Panel Discussion: Quality of Life / Palliative Care - Do Patients Perceive Quality of Life the Same way Their Doctors do?

  • T. Hudson (Belgium):Chair    
  • K. Redmond (Switzerland): Moderator   
  • I. Higginson (United Kingdom): Panel discussant   
  • P. Larkin (Ireland): Panel discussant   
  • N.I. Cherny (Israel): Panel discussant   
  • R. Wilson (United Kingdom): Panel discussant

Personalised Medicine

  • R. Catane (Israel): co-chair
  • S. Diler (Turkey): co-chair
  • H. Pinedo (Netherlands): Important updates on personalised medicine - watch webcast here
  • A. Buzyn (France): Translation of personalized medicine into practice - watch webcast here
  • J. Gore-Booth (France): Hype or hope - watch webcast here

Some Patients are More Equal Than Others / Satnav Cancer: Where do I Find the Best?

  • I. Banks (Belgium): co-chair   
  • J. Geissler (Germany): co-chair

Some patients are more equal than others

  • M. Lawler (United Kingdom):Shaping a patient-oriented strategy for cancer care in Europe: The European Cancer Concord and the European Cancer Patient’s Bill of Rights - watch webcast here
  • I. Banks (Belgium): Inequality by gender and health literacy - watch webcast here
  • J. Geissler:Inequality by genetic markers - watch webcast here

Satnav cancer: Where do I find the best? 

  • J. Borras (Spain): How to find and identify Networks and Centers of Excellence: A perspective from the European Partnership Action Against Cancer - watch webcast here
  • M. Saghatchian (France): Why does accreditation of centers of excellence matter to patients? Insights from OECI - watch webcast here

Empowering Young People With Cancer - a Passport for Survivors

  • G. Bode (Germany): Chair   
  • S. Karner (Austria): The survivorship passport - watch webcast here


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