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Patient Advocacy Session: Information Provision

Speaker: I. Banks


Communication skills that support and facilitate shared decision making
Speaker: S. Quinn


Getting through when fear gets in the way
Speaker: N. Van den Cruyce


Employer/patient communication role play
Role Play I. Banks
Role Play S. Boorman


Patient Advocacy Session: Inequalities in Genetic and Biomolecular Testing

What is genetics?
Speaker A Borresen-Dale


Genetic screening: what should you know?
Speaker J. Brunet


How genetics can help your treatment - the EORTC SPECTA programme
Speaker V. Golfinopoulos


Patient Advocacy Session: Ensuring Quality of Treatment

What are generics and biosimilars?
Speaker: M. McCcamish


Substandard, fake and counterfeit medicines: fighting the threats to quality treatment
Speaker: M. Isles


Improving quality of treatment: getting global, multidisciplinary consensus on treatment, the chordoma example
Speaker: H. Keulen


The European Atlas of Access to Myeloma Treatment
Speaker: E. Low


Rehabilitation - Childhood and Adolescents

Family and youth rehabilitation
Speaker: S. Sauter


Mentoring: Patients helping each other
Speaker: Z. Tomasikova


Create your future: Supporting survivors into the workforce
Speaker: S. Karner



Cancer in the workplace
Speaker: I. Banks


Your Life: For patients who want to take action themselves
Speaker: S. Hovmand Lysdal


Rehabilitation: Summary and analysis of actions among European countries
Speaker: K. O'Regan


Multidisciplinary Teams under the Microscope

Chair: J. Borras


Pain, pride and prejudice
Speaker: K. Mastris


The patient and the pathologist
Speaker: K. Oliver


The Bill of Rights
Moderator J. Geissler
Speaker P. Selby


Clinical Trials - What Really Matters to Patients
Chair: M. Piccart
Co-Chair B. Ryll



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