European Cancer Organisation


ECCO’s Key Policy Objectives are:

  • Speak with a single voice on wider policy issues
  • Engage other stakeholders in cancer research, innovation, treatment, care and education
  • Be a driving force in oncology
  • Be pro-active in Europe

Central to connecting all stakeholders in oncology and achieving multidisciplinarity, ECCO will strive to initiate and strengthen initiatives aimed at ensuring that actions against cancer remain at the top of the EU health and research policy agenda.

We believe that only through a unified approach can the European oncology community best engage with all stakeholders and become a major player in the development of European cancer health and research policy to promote the interest of cancer patients, those who care for them, and those without whose research there would be no advances in treatment and care.

For information about our events, visit the Oncopolicy Forum and events page.


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