European Cancer Organisation

Oncopolicy Forum 2009

Oncopolicy track at ECCO 15 – ESMO 34 

For the first time, the ECCO Congress programme included a special “track session” entitled Oncopolicy that focused on creating strategies which can strengthen European policy on cancer and ensure that actions to combat cancer remain at the top of the EU health and research policy agenda.

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To view the article on the Presidential Session to be featured in Molecular Oncology (Mol. 2010 Feb; 4(1):1-8), click here.

Just some of the many highlights and discussion points included:

  • The latest initiatives to structure the oncology community's response to the challenge of cancer in Europe.
  • Creation of a European Academy of Cancer Sciences hosted under the auspices of ECCO that will strive for excellence, independence, leadership, diversity and flexibility to underpin policy for the prevention, the management and the palliation of cancer in Europe
  • The creation of a world-class European Platform for Translational Cancer Research.
  • The European Commission's new and experimental approach for a European Partnership against cancer aiming to turn existing initiatives such as cancer plans into reality.
  • New approaches for sometimes conflicting challenges such as patient empowerment, equity of access to treatments, fostering innovation, cost containment, maintaining and improving healthcare systems.
  • The role of politics and communication in the elaboration and implementation of national cancer plan strategies - critical success factors and the importance of benchmarking.
  • Contribute to the cancer community response to the conclusions and recommendations of the High Level Pharmaceutical Forum on information to patients, relative effectiveness of drugs and treatment and pricing and reimbursement issues. What adaptations should emerge to promote broader access for all, ensuring medicines are available in all countries and regions, taking into consideration the need to find a satisfactory agreement between patient needs, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare authorities?
  • Drug and lifestyle-mediated prevention initiatives in Europe. Do we have to face rationing in cancer-related healthcare? Could a destructive lifestyle (obesity, smoking, etc) be denied healthcare?
  • Key issues that academia, industry and regulatory bodies always wanted to address on optimising drug development.
  • All you ever wanted to know about the technicalities of the next cancer call in FP7.

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