European Cancer Organisation

Oncopolicy Forum 2010



Strengthening Oncopolicy through partnerships:
Unlocking Europe's health and research potential

  • European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)
  • Rue van Maerlant 2, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium
  • 26 October 2010
  • 09.00 – 16.00


Taking place at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels on 26 October, the ECCO Oncopolicy Forum 2010 convened a multi-stakeholder audience to discuss how best to achieve effective partnerships in the complex arena of oncology.

This Forum was attended by over 130 thought leaders including patient and health professional organisations, national and European policymakers, researchers, clinicians, scientists, and industry in the oncology field. It provided participants with a unique opportunity to pool ideas and expertise on the many challenges facing the cancer community, in order to inspire action and drive change.

Reflecting ECCO’s characteristic multidisciplinarity and multiprofessionalism, the Oncopolicy Forum 2010 focused on Strengthening Oncopolicy through Partnerships: Unlocking Europe’s Health and Research Potential’. To view the programme and various presentations from the high-level speakers involved, click here

Distinguished experts came together to discuss many of the challenges facing the cancer community, in an effort to inspire action and drive change. ECCO was delighted to receive an insightful video from EU Commissioner for Research and Innovation, Commissioner Maire Geoghegan-Quinn, on her ambitions for EU cancer research policy. The Director for Public Health and Risk Assessment in the European Commission’s DG Sanco, Andrej Rys, also actively participated in the discussions, which aimed to address the crucial role of policy in creating opportunities for innovative and creative approaches to advancing cancer research and treatment, as well as tackling the issue of inequalities in cancer research and access to quality care across Europe.

Take-home messages from the meeting included the following:

  • The centrality of the patient voice – patients are the centre and they are key stakeholders in decision-making.
  • Multidisciplinarity and multiprofessionalism are the way forward for cancer care in Europe
  • Sufficient funding is crucial with wise investment in sustainable services required
  • Framed and organised collaboration, whether it is through partnerships, alliances or networks, are necessary tools to address the current oncopolicy challenges
  • More collaborative and coordinated research is needed in order for cancer patients to reap the benefits
  • Knowledge mobility is required in Europe to accelerate results in cancer research, treatment and care
  • Tackling cancer through a holistic approach can and must take place


Eminent journalist Peter Goodwin joined the event for interviews with key figures speaking at the Forum. To view the interviews, click here.

Announced during the first ever ‘Oncopolicy Track’ launched at the ECCO 15 - ESMO 34 Multidisciplinary Congress in Berlin, September 2009, the Oncopolicy Forums are novel annual events aiming to bring together a multi-stakeholder audience spanning the entire oncology field. The next ECCO Oncopolicy Forum takes place in Stockholm, Sweden as part of the 2011 European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress from 23-27 September. To find out more about this exciting meeting, the largest cancer congress of its kind in Europe, please click here.



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