European Cancer Organisation

European Partnership for Action Against Cancer

The European Partnership for Action Against Cancer (EPAAC) is a Joint Action which aims to support EU Member States in their efforts to tackle cancer by providing a framework for identifying and sharing information, capacity and expertise in cancer prevention and control, and by engaging relevant stakeholders across the European Union in a collective effort to address cancer.

It is envisaged that through the activities of EPAAC, a 15% reduction in cancer burden by 2020 (510 000 new cases) can be achieved.

ECCO is leading Work Package 8, the objective of which is to develop a concerted approach to achieve coordination of one third of research from all funding sources by 2013 within selected areas of cancer research. This goal leads on from the Eurocan+Plus project which concluded that Europe should aim at building bridges between research domains to achieve significant impact and encourage innovation. Lack of coordination translates into duplication of research efforts, which leads to waste of time and resources, and severely limits Europe overall progress in the fight against cancer.


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