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Eurocancercoms aimed at establishing an integrated model for a Europe-wide comprehensive cancer information exchange portal by connecting different communities involved in the fight against cancer, from patients to clinicians and scientists.
Eurocancercoms was a 2 year FP7 funded project, an initiative of the European Institute of Oncology led by ECCO and ecancermedicalscience (online, open access journal). The programme was co-ordinated by IEO Milan.

Eurocancercoms looked into the main issues surrounding the communication and dissemination of cancer information across Europe, identified the bottlenecks and suggested solutions. It has done this by:

  • examining the flow of information between basic scientists and other healthcare professionals 
  • assessing the way cancer research results are disseminated and identifying the existing barriers to successful dissemination
  • establishing searchable databases for clinical trials and guidelines that are available to all involved in cancer care, including patients
  • using new technologies, particularly internet-based technologies, to create a networked cancer community, including health professionals, patients, consumer groups and industry

An online communication portal was launched in the summer 2011 and houses the ability to:

  • Upload and share media.
  • Create a personal blog with the ability to import media and be heard by all members on the site
  • Use a customised web search specifically designed for the latest information on cancer research, treatments, news, clinical trials, and more.
  • Access and edit an in-depth events and conference calendar.
  • Search for cancer centres, institutes and medical organisations on a global scale
  • A forum for the cancer community where registered members can start discussion with ecancerHub community
  • The ability to set up open and closed groups and share information with people of similar interests

To access the portal please visit

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