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In the News...  
  • Flash Report: ECCO Oncopolicy Committee set priorities for the year
  • Members consulted on draft position statement on integrated care
  • ERQCCs on Sarcoma and Colorectal Cancer presented at European Parliament 
  • Don’t miss…the OECD consultation on sustainable access to innovative therapies 
  • Final version of CanCon guide now available! 
  • European Reference Networks: Get up-to-speed with what they mean for cancer 
  • and finally...a roundup of other EU Cancer Policy News 
Flash Report: ECCO Oncopolicy Committee set priorities for the year  

ECCO’s Oncopolicy Committee recently met in Brussels, on Monday 27th March, to direct ECCO’s policy priorities for the year ahead. Featuring high on the agenda are intended activities to:

  • Draw attention to the policy asks within recently published Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care (Colorectal and Sarcoma)
  • Highlight the policy need for improving access of cancer patients to innovation, especially non-pharmaceutical innovations
  • Emphasise the importance of, and opportunities for, improving integration of cancer services between primary and secondary care providers
Oncopolicy Committee

In the near future, ECCO will also be highlighting the specialised role of nursing in cancer care via a public position paper.

The next meeting of the ECCO Oncopolicy Committee will take place at ECCO offices on Tuesday 27th June.

More information on any of the above, or other aspects of ECCO policy activity, is available via policy@ecco-org.eu

Members consulted on draft position statement on integrated care  

ECCO has recently released for consultation with members, a potential position statement on integrated care. 

The paper emerges from discussions held during the primary care track of ECCO2017. Key points in the draft paper include calls for:

  • A multidisciplinary and patient-centric approach to integrated cancer care, in order to achieve best outcomes and quality of care for patients

PAC Chair, Ian Banks at ECCO2017  

  • Predefined coordination of the total care process, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all involved healthcare professionals
  • Concerted attention to improving communication between the differing professionals and sectors involved in cancer care, including via IT investment and improvement, and integration of education

Commenting on the paper, Ian Banks, Chair of the ECCO Patient Advisory Committee, remarked:

“ECCO’s unique position as a multi-disciplinary organisation, provides it with a powerful voice on the topic of integrated care. If approved by the ECCO Board, the position statement can be a springboard to impactful policy activities.”

For further information contact Patient Affairs Manager, Francoise Van Hemelryck Francoise@ecco-org.eu

ERQCCs on Sarcoma and Colorectal Cancer presented at European Parliament  
ECCO President

ECCO President Peter Naredi has recently accepted several invitations to present to high level audiences about the recently published Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care (ERQCC) covering the tumour types of sarcoma and colorectal cancer. The engagements have included two events in the European Parliament.

Speaking about the ongoing ERQCC communication activity, Peter Naredi said:


"The 2016 ERQCC documents on sarcoma and colorectal cancer set out important visions for multidisciplinary practice and I thank again the contributions from ECCO members that made them possible.

However, we all know that writing a document is not enough. Our challenge now is to bring the vision of practice articulated in the ERQCCs to life by communicating it to those in a position to make change happen.

These events in the European Parliament are just the start of a year long planned communication  campaign and we will keep members informed and engaged in these activities via this newsletter and other communications.

Meanwhile, I’m delighted that progress is already being made for the 2017 ERQCCs for melanoma and oesophageal and gastric cancer, and that already thought is being given to the 2018 ERQCCs. The ERQCCs represent an exciting new area of activity for ECCO, and an important realisation of its guiding mission on multidisciplinarity."

Further information about the 2016 ERQCCs is available here.

Further information about the events in the European Parliament:
EuropaColon website
Euractive Website

Don’t miss…the OECD consultation on sustainable access to innovative therapies  

ECCO members are alerted to a current consultation opportunity relating to access to treatment. A consultation is currently being conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on ‘Sustainable Access to Innovative Therapies’, with a deadline of 1st May.

The consultation has been commissioned by the French Ministry of Health as part of a broader initiative “to promote an international and high-level dialogue between stakeholders on access to innovative pharmaceuticals and sustainability of pharmaceutical spending.” 


The initiative has also been endorsed by OECD member countries and by Health Ministers at the G7 Health Ministerial meeting in Kobe, on 11-12 September 2016. The overall objective is “to improve patient access to innovative treatments and ensure the sustainability of health spending as well as continued innovation that meets patient needs.”

The consultation is available here

Commenting on the consultation, Philip Poortmans, Chair of the ECCO Oncopolicy Committee and ECCO President-elect, remarked:

"This consultation is an opportunity to communicate the importance of access to non-pharmaceutical as well as pharmaceutical treatments. International dialogue should be occurring on all aspects of access, a point which will be raised further in a shortly-to-be-published ECCO paper on access to care in the European Journal of Cancer".

Final version of CanCon guide now available!  
CanCon Guide

The EU’s Joint Action on Cancer Control (CanCon) recently published the final version of its Guide for Quality Improvement in Comprehensive Cancer Control. The Guide is available here.

Commenting on the publication, Birgit Beger, ECCO CEO, said:

“The CanCon guide is an important potential tool for all ECCO members in respect to their advocacy at national levels. Here is a high level consensus document about what European health systems should be achieving in respect to cancer control, that can be extra collateral for making national policy makers listen to the case for improvement."

European Reference Networks: Get up-to-speed with what they mean for cancer  

A major international conference was recently held in Vilnius on 9th March to kick off the existence of 24 approved “European Reference Networks” (ERNs) to improve treatment and research in rare disease areas, including rare cancers.

ERNs are an initiative stemming from the 2011 EU Cross-border Healthcare Directive. They are virtual networks of healthcare providers across Europe set up to better tackle complex or rare diseases and conditions that require highly specialised treatment and concentrated knowledge and resources. Networks will, for example, help to construct special review of a patient’s diagnosis and treatment via virtual advisory boards of medical specialists across different disciplines, using a dedicated IT platform and telemedicine tools.


The first 24 ERNs involve more than 900 highly-specialised healthcare units from over 300 hospitals in 26 Member States, working on a range of thematic issues including bone disorders, childhood cancer and immunodeficiency.

Further information can be found at ec.europa.eu/health/ern/policy_en.
View Presentations from the meeting.

Specifically of interest to ECCO members:
•         ERN EURACAN will focus on rare adult cancers (solid tumours)
•         ERN PaedCan will focus on Paediatric Cancers (haemato-oncology)

And other networks with relevance to cancer include: 
- EuroBloodNet (Onco-Hematological Diseases) 
- GENTURIS (Genetic Tumour Risk Syndromes) 

Further information will become available as the ERNs take shape over the coming months and will be shared by ECCO. 

Roundup of other EU Cancer Policy News  

The European Commission has published a report on tools and methodologies to assess integrated care in Europe.

The European Medicines Agency has issued a call for experts to advise it on best practices for the anonymisation of published clinical trial information.

A new European taskforce to explore how best to use Big Data to support medicines research has been announced


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