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  • Silos belong on farms, not in cancer care: Integrated care
  • Call for application: ECCO 2018 European Cancer Summit’s Scientific and Society Liaison Committee
  • Klaus Meier next Chair of ECCO Oncopolicy Committee
  • ECCO President: Time for bold vision on cancer Mr Juncker
  • ECCO marks the passing of cancer research pioneer Professor Patrick Johnston
  • Highlights from the 19th MCCR Workshop
  • ECCO Member benefits
  • New website sections at ecco-org.eu
  • Dates for your diary
  • #ICYMI: Cancer policy developments
Silos belong on farms, not in cancer care: Integrated care  
ECCO has published a new position statement on Integrated Cancer Care: Bringing Primary Care and Secondary Care Together. Unifying the views of its 25 pan-European member organisations, the statement emphasises the necessity of achieving integrated care to improve outcomes for cancer patients.
Further information here.
Integration of Care  
Call for application: ECCO 2018 European Cancer Summit’s Scientific and Society Liaison Committee   
ECCO 2018 Save the date
Recognising the outstanding role that all ECCO member societies play for the design and the conduct of the ECCO European Cancer Summit, ECCO has invited each of its 23 member societies to appoint a key expert of its Executive Committees to represent the society on the ECCO 2018 Summit’s Scientific and Society Liaison Committee. The expert should have a broad scientific knowledge, preferably the societies acting President or President-elect or a person who has immediate access to the decision makers in the society.
As the ECCO Summit is taking place on an annual basis, the tenure of the Scientific and Society Liaison Committee members would ideally be 2 years, to ensure continuity.
As a member of the Scientific and Society Liaison Committee, the expert will help the Executive Committee to compile the Summit’s programme. The specific tasks will be defined during the first meeting with the representatives of all ECCO member societies.
The nominations should be submitted by 15 July 2017. For further information, please contact Ms Agnese Abolina at Agnese@ecco-org.eu.
With your invaluable input, we are convinced that the ECCO Summit will be a truly remarkable multidisciplinary meeting that will impact on daily practice and facilitate real progress for cancer patients.
For more information, visit eccosummit.eu
Klaus Meier next Chair of ECCO Oncopolicy Committee  

The 27th June 2017 meeting of the ECCO Oncopolicy Committee confirmed Dr. Klaus Meier, President of the European Society of Oncology Pharmacy (ESOP), as the next Chair of ECCO’s Oncopolicy Committee (OPC). The Oncopolicy Committee is responsible for providing oversight and direction to all ECCO policy activity. Dr Meier will now begin to take on OPC responsibilities from ECCO President-Elect Philip Poortmans.

Other highlights from the 27th June meeting include:

Klaus Meier  
  • Instruction to develop new ECCO position statements on: the future of the EU and cancer; the meaning of patient-centricity; and eHealth and big data
  • Approval of the formation of a working group to investigate the application of value based healthcare to non-pharmaceutical innovations
  • Approval of a project charter to work with primary care healthcare professional organisations on articulating essential requirements for integrated care
ECCO President: Time for bold vision on cancer Mr Juncker  
Peter Naredi ECCO President

Writing in CancerWorld magazine, ECCO President Peter Naredi has called for the EU to respond to Brexit and Euroscepticism by reconnecting to the EU to those priorities that matter most to the general public, including health and the desire to get the better of cancer.

In the editorial piece, the ECCO President said: “The EU is at its best not when it is timid, shy and reticent, but when it is bold. Like any organisation, when it defies the nay-sayers, offers vision and then pursues that vision to a successful conclusion, its esteem and value is raised, and its legacy secured.
Cancer is an area where vision can be rewarded, and lasting public support secured. I call on the EU to direct its priorities to those of the general public. There are few greater hopes among the population than the hope that we will get the better of cancer in our own time.

Read more here.

Meanwhile, ECCO has also joined a group of leading health NGOs in Brussels to call on the EU to advance, not reverse, its health role in response to challenges to its remit in this area. 39 organisations wrote a joint letter to European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker to call for an enhancement of EU action in health in future in order to bring the EU closer to its citizens, by protecting patients and consumers and improving people’s health.

Read more here.

ECCO marks the passing of cancer research pioneer Professor Patrick Johnston  
It is with sadness that ECCO informs its membership community of the passing of Professor Patrick Johnston.

Professor Johnston made lasting contributions across many fields of cancer care, and was an energetic champion for the creation of the European cancer patient’s Bill of Rights. He will be much missed by the European cancer community, as well as fondly remembered for his inspiring legacy.

Highlights from the 19th MCCR Workshop  
In June 2017, ECCO, AACR, EORTC and ESMO organised the 19th edition of the annual Workshop on Methods in Clinical Cancer Research in Zeist, the Netherlands. Hundreds of students over the years have successfully learned the essentials of clinical trial design thanks to this workshop and this edition was no exception.

Under the guidance of the Workshop Directors –  Stefan Sleijfer, Lee M. Ellis, Corneel Coens and Emiliano Calvo – along with other leading clinical experts in the field of oncology, the MCCR Workshop participants completed their trial protocols and are now expected to make every effort to implement them.

Study concepts were rigorously vetted and scrutinised at all stages; starting from assessing the key clinical question and finishing with addressing post-protocol management issues. The Workshop is frequently described as an intensive experience by both faculty and fellows committed to advance cancer research and address daily practice challenges.

Read more here.

To view the photo gallery, click here.

The 20th edition of the ECCO-AACR-EORTC-ESMO Workshop on Methods in Clinical Cancer Research will take place on 16-22 June 2018 in Zeist, the Netherlands.

To learn more about the MCCR Workshop click here.

ECCO Member benefits  

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A new ECCO partnership and collaboration policy is also available for members to utilise. For more information click here.
ECCO Member Events  
New website sections at ecco-org.eu  

Visit the updated policy section of the ECCO website to find out more about the 4 current priority areas for ECCO’s policy activities! These are:

Dates for you diary  
  • 14-18 August: 19th World Congress of Psycho-Oncology (more here)
  • 2-6 September: 29th Congress of Pathology (more here)
  • 7 September: European Public Health Alliance conference on chronic diseases (more here)
  • 8-12 September: ESMO 2017 Congress (more here
#ICYMI: Cancer policy developments  

Keep up to date with breaking cancer news via ECCO’s ‘This Week in EU Cancer Policy News’.

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