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ECCO2017 European Cancer Congress

The ECCO2017 European Cancer Congress held in Amsterdam on 27-30 January 2017 attracted a multidisciplinary audience of over 2530 participants, including oncologists of every specialty, scientists, nurses, primary care professionals, as well as patient advocates, government officials, policymakers and representatives from the ECCO Member Societies. They presented and discussed exciting innovations and their implementation into clinical practice. 

The Scientific Programme consisted of over 200 hours of sessions, more than 400 speakers and 762 abstracts submitted out of which 625 were accepted. Significant and forward looking studies were released during the ECCO2017 congress.

The ECCO2017 policy sessions brought together the EU Commissioner for Health, government officials, EU as well as national policymakers, oncology experts and patient advocates to discuss how oncopolicy can strengthen multidisciplinary practice to ensure optimal patient outcomes, as well as the challenges in cross-border cancer care.

Expert patients provided their perspective in several scientific sessions of ECCO2017 including the organ based sessions on critical reviews of trials and implication in practice. The newly established Primary Care track discussed integrated models of cancer management with the views of patient advocates on how to bring the wide range of primary care professions, including general practitioners, closer together with oncology specialists, to pave the patient’s pathway. The Patient Advocacy track highlighted topical issues for patients and survivors. These included side effects reporting, translating research into patient value and coping methods for caregivers.

We are proud that the ECCO2017 European Cancer Congress proved itself as the only truly multidisciplinary oncology congress in Europe. Thank you for all your support for the congress! We hope for your continued active participation in the future.

ECCO Board Meeting and Finance Committee

On 21 and 22 February 2017, the ECCO Finance Committee and the ECCO Board of Directors met for the first meeting of this year. The Finance Committee discussed the financial planning for ECCO in the next years, the Board of Directors dealt mainly with the review of the ECCO2017 European Cancer Congress, the planning of the Board retreat in March and current oncopolicy issues. 

ECCO Public Affairs

Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care

ECCO has taken significant steps forward with its project on essential requirements for quality cancer care (ERQCC). The project aims to:

  • Improve outcomes for cancer patients in Europe through the adoption and the implementation of essential requirements for quality cancer care in Europe
  • Complement existing clinical guidelines and improve their efficacy
  • Shape the policy environment at European and national levels to improve quality of cancer care across Europe and decrease inequalities in cancer outcomes
In 2016, the ERQCC project was dedicated to two tumour types: colorectal cancer and bone and soft tissue sarcomas. ECCO’s work on quality cancer care has resulted in two papers being published in Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology, which were presented and discussed during the ECCO2017 European Cancer Congress:

The papers were launched at a dedicated session during the ECCO2017 congress and have already been presented by ECCO President Peter Naredi at two policy events held in the European Parliament.

ECCO will continue its scientific and policy work on the ERQCC project, expanding the scope of focus to Melanoma, Oesophageal and Gastric Cancer in 2017. An official invitation to all ECCO Members will be sent in March 2017.

For more information on ECCO Public Affairs work, visit www.ecco-org.eu/Public-affairs

CanCon Joint Action

The newly released European Guide on Quality Improvement in Comprehensive Cancer Control (CanCon) was discussed at the CanCon Final Conference in Malta on 14-15 February 2017. As an Associated Partner, ECCO supported the core Work Package 4 - Guide Coordination, and as a Collaborating Partner, contributed to the Work Package 8 on Survivorship and to the policy papers under the Work Package 5 – Member States Platform.

ECCO is pleased it could bring the expertise of its membership and its Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) to this very important project to improve quality of cancer care across Europe and decrease inequalities in cancer outcomes. We are committed to widely promote the recommendations of this joint effort and look forward to actively engage all the European multidisciplinary oncology professional societies in its implementation to improve the life of cancer patients and their carers.

The Guide is meant for governments, parliamentarians, health care providers and funders, and cancer care professionals at every level.

ECCO will aim at having a leading role in the upcoming EU Joint Action on Innovative Partnership on Action Against Cancer. Read Annex 1 Health Programme – Work Programme for 2017 for more information about the Joint Action.

EURACAN: European network for Rare adult solid Cancer

In response to the European call for European Reference Networks (ERN), three ERN candidate in the domain of rare cancers:
  • ERN for adult rare solid cancers: EURACAN  (EUropean RAre CANcers)
  • ERN for adult rare haematological cancers
  • ERN for paediatric cancers

ECCO is proud for being invited by the Coordinator of EURACAN, Prof. Jean-Yves Blay, to join EURACAN as an Associated Partner. ECCO will provide its multidisciplinary expertise assembled through its 25 Member Societies. EURACAN aims to achieve:

  1. the implantation of full member centres in all EU countries,
  2. a referral system across HCP countries,
  3. with at least 75% of EU patients with rare tumours treated in EURACAN,
  4. demonstrated improved quality (delay, diagnosis accuracy, adhesion to CPGs, in reference centres,
  5. a demonstrated improvement of patient survival,
  6. communication tools available in all languages for patient and physicians,
  7. a set of multinational databases and tumour banks for rare tumors, coupled with research projects. 

EURACAN is based on the consistent involvement of patients. For further information, please click here.

We look forward to your active involvement with ECCO over the coming months!

The ECCO Team

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