European Cancer Organisation

ECCO as a member

While ECCO represents and serves the interests of over 150 000 professionals in oncology through its 28 Member Societies, key to representing all stakeholders in oncology is expanding its outreach and scope as an organisation. It does this by developing its activities and programmes and also through its affiliation with other entities. 


ECCO is currently a Member of the following organisations: 


  ECCO forms part of the European Chronic Disease Alliance
  ecancermedicalscience Foundation and AG
(Founding Member)

ECCA – the European Cervical Cancer Association
(Founding Member)
EPHA   EPHA – the European Public Health Alliance 
(Full Member)


  FAIB - Federation of European and International Associations Established in Belgium 
(Regular Member)
  UICC – International Union Against Cancer 
(Full Member)




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