European Cancer Organisation

The background of ECCO

In the early 1980s, a few visionaries working in European oncology laid the foundations of the Federation of European Cancer Societies (FECS) at a time when multidisciplinarity in cancer care – the idea that tackling cancer was a team effort that required a coordinated approach – was a relatively new concept. 25 years later, multidisciplinarity is accepted everywhere as being the best way to treat cancer.

Members of FECS consequently decided that it was time to take a wider approach to oncology; one that would bring together major players in cancer research, treatment, and care in order to create awareness of patients’ wishes and needs, encourage progressive thinking in cancer policy, education, and training, and continue to promote European cancer research and its application through the organisation of multidisciplinary meetings and conferences.  

After a period of reflection, during which many players in oncology were consulted, FECS was disbanded and replaced by a dynamic new entity: ECCO – the European CanCer Organisation was officially announced at the European Cancer Conference in Barcelona in September 2007, and through its members, represents the interests of over 170 000 professionals in oncology.



The ECCO Community

ECCO continues to expand its outreach and education through its prestigious biennial series of Congresses, the introduction of many new initiatives and programmes such as ECCO’s eLEARNING courses and its online Patient Information section driven by dedicated focus groups in the form of officially appointed Committees.

ECCO also plays an important role in engaging with policymakers to promote the interests of cancer patients, those who care for them, and those without whose research there would be no advances in treatment and care.

Collaboration, interaction and open exchange between ECCO and its Member Organisations are central to such efforts. Representing the interests of their respective professions/groups from a truely multidisciplinary perspective, our Member Organisations span the entire spectrum from basic, applied and translational research to practice, treatment, care, prevention and advocacy. Collectively, they will facilitate the pieces of the puzzle to help solve the many yet unanswered questions and issues in cancer.

Similarly, ECCO also relies on the views and feedback from you all - the European cancer community. Please contact us directly should you have any recommendations and comments regarding our current and future activities.


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