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About ECCO


ECCO - the European CanCer Organisation

Our Mission

To reduce the burden of cancer, improve outcomes and the quality of care for cancer patients, through multidisciplinarity and multiprofessionalism. 

As the not-for-profit federation of member organisations working in cancer at a European level, we convene oncology professionals and patients to agree policy, advocate for positive change and be the united voice of the European cancer community.

Our Vision
To be a vibrant, pro-active, focused, relevant and influential federation, working together for a cancer free future, ensuring that every patient has high quality care and treatment, with access to the full range of professionals needed.
To create and develop ever-strengthening relationships between European institutions and the European cancer care community, and with our Member Societies and networks, facilitate collaboration and consensus on focused topics towards tangible and impactful policy improvement.
Our Values

Our essential and enduring values are:
  • Patient Centricity – Putting cancer patients at the centre of our concerns and activities and strive to do the best for them
  • Commitment to Science – Reflecting the very latest scientific knowledge and be completely independent of any vested interests
  • Cohesiveness –  We believe in the power of combining the efforts of its members and other stakeholders who have a common mission
  • Inclusiveness – We seek to include all non-profit organisations that share our mission, vision and values
  • Equality and Fairness – All our members have a voice in the organisation and we strive to transcend the interests of any one member
  • Openness and Transparency – We are committed to be transparent in and accountable for all that we do 


ECCO Oncopolicy

ECCO is the voice of healthcare professionals involved in delivering care to cancer patients in Europe.

The strategic objectives that underpin all ECCO policy activity are:

  • the advancement of multidisciplinarity and patient-centricity in cancer care; and,
  • the promotion of policy recommendations for the improvement of cancer care, drawing on ECCO’s unique multidisciplinary reach.

ECCO’s current policy priorities are to:

  • Drive improvement in quality of cancer care in Europe via multidisciplinarity;
  • Ensure patients gain access to innovation, in all forms of care;
  • Advocate for step change improvement in the integration of care; and
  • Highlight the core requirements of the oncology workforce to deliver the best care.

Through initiatives such as its Essential Requirements in Quality Cancer Care, ECCO harnesses the expertise and experience of the entire oncology community to address questions of common concern, looking collectively for answers that will result in the best possible outcome for cancer patients through informed policy making.


ECCO European Cancer Summit 

ECCO organises the annual European Cancer Summit. This event is devised by world leading experts and ECCO member societies bringing worldwide leaders from the cancer healthcare, patient advocacy and stakeholder communities together in a unique multidisciplinary forum.

The Summit offers a platform to:

  • Debate leading-edge ideas on outcomes research, health economics and organisation of cancer care delivery
  • Determine consensus resolutions for improving health care systems
  • Decide on an action plan for the way forward to ensure ideas translate into policies that will impact daily clinical practice

ECCO Patient Advocacy

ECCO is committed to engaging cancer patient advocates in its mission to uphold the right of all European cancer patients to the best possible treatment and care.

To emphasise ECCO’s commitment, the Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) was established providing European patient advocacy organisations with a solid platform to express their expectations in solidarity with the professional organisations. The PAC afford ECCO direct insight into the issues and challenges faced by cancer patients and provides the patient perspective on initiatives and projects that foster ECCO’s mission in all areas of activity, including multidisciplinary education, oncopolicy and quality assurance.



ECCO Publications

ECCO disseminates scientific advancement, knowledge and insight through its publications.



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