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Etienne Brain

Etienne GC Brain, MD PhD, has been working since 1998 as a medical oncologist at the Hôpital René Huguenin (Saint-Cloud, France), which is now part of the academic centre Institut Curie. He obtained both his MD and PhD from University Paris V René Descartes after leading works in preclinical and clinical pharmacology on alkylating agents in Boston (Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Boston University). He was the Deputy Director for Research at Centre René Huguenin from 2008-2009, until the merge with Institut Curie happened in 2010, making this "multi-sites” institution one of the largest one dedicated to breast cancer management in Europe.

Etienne GC Brain is the new Chair of the Breast Cancer Group of EORTC since September 2017 and chairs the GERICO group (clinical research in geriatric oncology) at UNICANCER. He is very committed to clinical research, involved in many trials covering breast cancer and geriatric oncology. His most recent interest focuses on competing risks for mortality in older breast cancer patients, trying to better define the indication of systemic treatment in adjuvant setting, and is embodied in the national program ASTER 70s granted in 2011 by the French health ministry.

He sits on the board of EBCC and has been recently appointed as a member of the EBCTCG Steering Committee. He sits on the board of ECCO since November 2015 when SIOG joined ECCO.

He is (co)author of several publications in peer-reviewed journals, including the JAMA, Lancet Oncol and J Clin Oncol.

He is member of the Editorial Board of the J Geriatric Oncol. He is an active member of ASCO and ESMO. He is the immediate Past-President of SIOG.

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