European Cancer Organisation

Ian Banks

ECCO PAC Member Profile 2012-2014

Organisation: European Men’s Health Forum
Country: UK
Mother tongue: English






  • Patient Advocacy
  • Men’s health issues
  • Health literacy
  • Health Policies in general
  • Writing



  • British Medical Association – member of the Council for the UK
  • Awarded the BMA accolade, the Association Medal. He worked on the Developing
  • Patient Partnerships (DPP formerly Doctor Patient Partnership) for six years.
  • President of the European Men’s Health Forum
  • Professorial Fellow Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH)
  • Visiting professor University of Ulster school of nursing (European mens health and
  • Gold medal for public health RSPH


  • Official spokesman on men’s health issues for the British Medical Association
  • Former deputy editor of the Men’s Health Journal (six years) and for six years the
    medical editor for The Men’s Health Magazine.
  • Wrote the BBC book ‘The Trouble with Men’ was written in 1996 to accompany the
    television series of the same name. It was followed by Men’s Health, The Good
    Patient Guide, The Children's Health Guide, ‘Get Fit with Brittas’, ‘Men’s Health in
    General Practice’, ‘Ask About Sex’ and the 50th NHS Anniversary book from the
    NHSE/HEA, The Home Medicine Guide. He is also the author of the NHS Direct
    Healthcare Guide and Web site. Author of over 100 titles of ‘Haynes health manuals’.

British media – press, TV, radio

OUTSIDE COMMITMENTS (e.g. service on other Boards/Committees):

  • EPF Policy group
  • SANCO pharmacovigilance.
  • Board member European Association for Access to Safe Medicines (EAASM)
  • Board member Self Care Forum (UK)
  • Member council British Medical Association (23 years)
  • Medical doctor (GP/A&E)
  • Writing, journalism
  • Teaching
  • Medical research diabetes (islet cell transplantation)
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