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ECCO 2019 European Cancer Summit - Resolution on HPV

Resolution on HPV cancer elimination passed by the Summit participants: 98% to 2%

For the ECCO 2019 European Cancer Summit, ECCO’s Oncopolicy Committee identified the elimination of HPV related cancers and diseases as a timely and important topic upon which unified objectives by the cancer community could be expressed.

Developed together with several ECCO member societies and a large network of interested organisations and experts, and including a public consultation period, the Summit version of resolution on HPV elimination reads:



'By 2030, effective strategies to eliminate cancers caused by HPV
as a public health problem should be implemented
in all European countries.'


The full supporting text to the resolution is available here.

A further set of actions accompanying the resolution will continue to be developed with stakeholders following the ECCO 2019 European Cancer Summit.

A version of that action plan which was opened for public comment during the Summer of 2019, is available here.

For further information about the resolution and action plan, and how you and/or your organisation can get involved in the campaign to follow, please contact 


Report: EU cancer group backs call to eliminate HPV-related cancers