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The Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care (ERQCC) papers are organisational specifications, not clinical guidelines, and are intended to give oncology teams, patients, policymakers and managers an overview of the elements needed in any healthcare system to provide high-quality care throughout the patient journey. References are made to clinical guidelines and other resources where appropriate, and the focus is on care in Europe.


Written by European experts representing all disciplines involved in cancer care, the ERQCC papers provide roadmaps to high-quality multidisciplinary cancer care for a specific tumour type. 


The ERQCC papers aim to:


  • Improve outcomes for cancer patients in Europe through the adoption and the implementation of essential requirements for quality cancer care in Europe
  • Complement existing clinical guidelines and improve their efficacy
  • Shape the policy environment at European and national levels to improve quality of cancer care across Europe and decrease inequalities in cancer outcomes


The European CanCer Organisation (ECCO) was founded with a mission of advancing multidisciplinarity for the benefit of improved patient care and outcomes. ERQCC papers are an expression of that mission, offering a unique vision for provision of cancer care, authored by representatives from across ECCO’s Member SocietiesECCO Patient Advisory Committee (ECCO PAC) and partnering societies.


ECCO welcomes multi-sponsorship (minimum 2 sponsors) for the ECCO Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care programme in order to provide financial sustainability and to support potential expansion of scope for the project activities. 


The Authouring Process

The Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care (ERQCC) papers are authored via a collaborative process involving outreach to, and contributions from ECCO’s Member SocietiesECCO PAC and partnering societies. At initiation, a call for experts to join bespoke tumour-specific working groups is issued, following which a structured process of face-to-face meetings and virtual exchange leads to general agreement at the level of the participating experts and their societies. After a six month systematic review process and with the support of medical writing expertise, the final consensus based manuscript is published in a peer reviewed journal.

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