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ECCO essential requirements for primary care interventions throughout the cancer care continuum

Building up on the ECCO position statement on integrated cancer care and its Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care (ERQCC) project, ECCO will seek to define the essential requirements for primary care interventions throughout the cancer care pathway.

The project will be developed in collaboration with WONCA Europe and will involve all interested ECCO member societies. European organisations representing primary care professions will also be invited to contribute/comment.

The project aims to:

  • Improve outcomes for cancer patients in Europe through the adoption and the implementation in Europe of essential requirements in cancer care complementing clinical guidelines;
  • Shape the policy environment at European and national levels to improve quality of cancer care across Europe and decrease inequalities in outcomes;

The initial phase of the project will look at the entire cancer care pathway from diagnostic, treatment, survivorship and end of life. It will define essential requirements valid for all cancer types, constitute a roadmap for improvement capable of application in all EU countries and provide a benchmark for assessing integration between primary and secondary care. It will not define one pathway but provide checklists and explanations of organisations and primary care interventions necessary to give high quality care to patients. 

The second phase of the project will focus on patient needs of primary care interventions specific to cancer tumour types. 

The project will seek answers to and define:

  • What type of primary care action/intervention should be available/delivered to cancer patients?
  • By whom/which primary care profession (roles and responsibilities)?
  • When/at what stage of the cancer care continuum primary care actions/interventions should be available/delivered (including during treatment)?
  • How the intervention should be delivered/be made available?
  • What is needed from an organisational point of view to deliver these interventions?

Download the project charter here.

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