European Cancer Organisation

Quality assurance

ECCO is involved in several initiatives providing an overview of existing activities in the area of quality assurance and providing recommendations to the oncology community.

Clinical guidelines

At a Forum on Multidisciplinary Clinical Guidelines in Oncology held on 29 May 2012, ECCO member societies met to explore the potential added value for the societies to collaborate in some areas of the clinical guidelines development in order to increase quality and use of European guidelines.

Dirk Schrijvers, ECCO Education Chair, presented the results of a survey carried in 2010 among European Oncology societies including all ECCO members based on the ‘Appraisal of Guidelines Research and Evaluation’ (AGREE) tool, within the Eurocancercoms project. Results demonstrated that many cancer organisations are developing guidelines.

Survey quality management

In January 2011, ECCO established a working group focusing on a project in the area of quality management.

The project consisted of collecting and providing the existing quality improvement programmes of the ECCO member societies to the oncology community. To this end, an electronic questionnaire was developed for completion by the ECCO member societies.

The survey was completed in September 2011 and a report with the results and recommendations was produced in December 2011.