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Survey quality management

In January 2011, ECCO established a working group focusing on a project in the area of quality management.

The project consisted of collecting and providing the existing quality improvement programmes of the ECCO member societies to the oncology community. To this end, an electronic questionnaire was developed for completion by the ECCO member societies.

The survey was completed in September 2011 and a report with the results and recommendations was produced in December 2011.

Quality assurance is becoming more important in the multidisciplinary approach of the cancer patient. The survey shows that some of the ECCO members have already taken some initiatives. Therefore the paper calls for more cooperation between cancer societies so that those with less experience in developing quality programmes can benefit from those that already have a quality programme in place.

Download the survey results - Report

Download the survey results - ppt presentation


Some ECCO member societies have provided webpages with information on their quality assurance programmes. You will find them below.

EANM – European Association of Nuclear Medicine


EBMT – European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation

Quality Certification Programme on “Stem cell transplantation”

EONS – European Oncology Nursing Society

Clinical Practice Guidelines in Cancer Treatmen

Quality certification programmes for educational courses against standards defined by EONS consensus curricula and ECT quality indices

ESO – European School of Oncology

Statement paper on Quality Assurance

Task force dealing with Quality Assurance

ESOP – European Society of Oncology Pharmacy

Consensus Statement on Quality Cancer Care

EUROPA DONNA – The European Breast Cancer Coalition

Consensus Statement on Quality Cancer Care

OECI – Organisation of European Cancer Institutes

Accreditation and Designation Programme


Breast Unit Guidelines

Quality Treatment Audit System

Certification Process

SIOPE – European Society for Paediatric Oncology

Quality Assurance in Paediatric Oncology Clinical Trials

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