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Selection Criteria

Development of new projects to be led by ECCO and/or for the participation of ECCO in new projects initiated and led by other entities

These criteria will apply for all new projects in areas including education, research, public health, whether supported through EU funding or not.


1) The project adds value to ECCO/ ECCO societies and is in line with ECCO mission and ECCO policy objectives

2) European dimension
This is particularly relevant when a request for participation in a project comes from an institution that is not an ECCO member organisation. The project must connect several partners across Europe and address a European audience. 

3) “None competitive initiative” but allowing competition
ECCO will not initiate projects/applications competing with ECCO member societies projects/applications.
ECCO will accept to participate in applications that are competitive providing that criteria 1 & 2 are fulfilled. 

4) Includes partnership with several (minimum 3) pharmaceutical/device companies when the pharma/device industry is involved

5) Includes adequate sources of funding
Participation in a EU project application must include an estimate of costs for ECCO to implement the proposed activities and to cover actual costs including human resources.  A project proposal initiated by ECCO must include the envisaged possible sources of external funding or own resources.         

6) Time frame allowing sufficient decision making time for ECCO
This is particularly relevant for external requests in relation to applications for EU funding. The requests must allow ECCO at least three weeks to decide on its involvement. 


For more information, please contact:

F    rançoise Van Hemelryck
ECCO Education and EU Project Manager
Tel: + 32 2 775 29 38
Fax: + 32 2 775 02 00
Email: francoise.vanhemelryck<at>
* please replace <at> with @


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