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EBCC-11 Call for abstracts


General Information


Authors are strongly advised to submit prior to the deadline and avoid unnecessary delays which may affect the standing of their abstract.

In case of any abstract related queries please contact:


Abstract Policy and Regulations

Abstracts on case studies will be rejected.

With the submission of an abstract to 11th European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC-11), the presenting author:

  • Certifies to be an investigator with substantial involvement in the clinical study presented in the abstract.
  • Accepts responsibility for the accuracy of the submitted abstract.
  • Accepts to be the contact person for all correspondence regarding the abstract and inform co-authors of its status.
  • Confirms that all co-authors are aware of and agree to the content of the abstract and support the data presented.
  • Warrants that the data and conclusions presented in the abstract have not been presented or published at any meeting of 500 delegates or more prior to the EBCC-11 conference.
  • Agrees to submit updated data for important large studies presented (in part) at previous meetings. Violation of this policy may result in rejection of the submitted abstract.
  • Certifies that the information in the abstract is for exclusive presentation in the European Breast Cancer Conference Scientific Programme and will not be presented during the EBCC-11 at any Satellite Symposia.
  • States that for all studies involving human or animal subjects, permission has been obtained from the relevant regulatory authority and informed consent given where appropriate.
  • For abstracts containing clinical trial data include: Trial abbreviation; Trial Registry Number or ID background; Objective, Design, Population studied (including sample size), Intervention, Outcome measure (s), Analysis, Trial status, Trial sponsor(s)
  • Identifies, obtains and discloses any financial interest in products or processes described in the abstract for all abstract authors. This includes stock ownership, membership on an advisory board or board of directors, corporate-sponsored research and other substantive relationships.  
  • The copyright of the abstract(s) are retained by the author(s). However, the author(s) give permission to the EBC Council to print the abstract(s) in the EJC as well as on the EBCC-11 website. 
  • Trials in Progress abstracts will not be accepted.


Abstract Preparation and Submission

  • Abstracts must be submitted in good English and carefully proofread to ensure the accuracy of published material. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to reject abstracts submitted in poor English, or may request an immediate revision by the author.

  • Authors may provide their preference of presentation format: oral, poster or no preference.

  • Please choose one main topic to categorise.
    The Scientific Committee has the authority to re-categorise the abstract.

  • The title of the abstract should be concise and accurately describe the study undertaken. Do not use non-standard abbreviations and commercial names (generic names only).

  • Abstracts should be structured to include the following 4 sections:
    Background: introductory sentence specifying the purpose of the study
    Material and methods: brief description of relevant experimental procedures
    Results: summary of the results of the investigation
    Conclusions: a statement of the main conclusions

  • The abstract submission system will not accept abstracts that exceed 2900 characters (including body of the abstract, spaces and one table).

  • Only one data table is permitted in the body of the abstract. Illustrations and figures are not allowed and will be deleted if submitted.

  • Abbreviations may be used if standard or if spelled out and defined at the first use (put in parentheses immediately after the first mention of a term or phrase).  Compounds should be mentioned with the generic name, in lower cases.  Commercial names are admitted in the text, with an ®, and if in brackets following the generic name, i.e. “generic (Commercial ®)”.

  • Up to 3 keywords should be provided to distinguish the abstract for indexing purposes.

  • No more than 20 authors can be listed with only their institutional affiliation(s), city and country. Mailing addresses and academic degrees should not be mentioned. For co-operative study groups, the name of the group should be used instead of individual institutional affiliations or include the name of the group in the title of the abstract.

  • An e-mail confirming receipt of the abstract submitted online will be sent to the presenting author within 48 hours. An abstract number will be allocated and should be mentioned for any queries relating to the submitted abstract

Abstract Selection Process

Abstracts submitted for presentation in the EBCC-11 will be reviewed by an international panel of experts in the field of the subject and will be judged solely on the data submitted. The final decision on the presentation format of all selected abstracts lies at the sole discretion of the Scientific Committee.

The following presentation formats are applicable at the EBCC-11:

Oral presentation

The abstract is selected for oral presentation in one of the Clinical Science Symposia or Proffered papers session. Abstracts of superior quality can be selected for presentation in a session where discussants will place the research findings into perspective.

Poster Presentation
Abstracts that have been selected for poster presentation will be displayed on poster boards in a prominent poster viewing area.  The posters will be grouped by topic and displayed for one day.  A specific time will be devoted to poster viewing to ensure delegates have sufficient opportunity to acquaint themselves with the presented data.

Poster Discussion
Prominent experts will provide a thematic overview and discuss the findings from selected abstracts chosen for poster presentation. Delegates will be offered an expert review-at-a-glance of the presented findings and will be able to further refine their interest in specific abstracts.

Poster Spotlight Sessions
The Scientific Committee will make a special selection of posters which will be highlighted through short oral presentations followed by moderated discussion. These sessions will facilitate dynamic exchange on selected findings of broad interest.

Submitting an abstract for presentation in the EBCC-11 does not constitute registration for the conference. When selected, abstract presenters must register to attend the European Breast Cancer Conference in Barcelona.

The presenting author will receive a letter with the result of the review and the Scientific Committee’s decision on the abstract by mid/end of January 2018.

Abstract Withdrawal
ECCO cannot guarantee any request for withdrawal of an abstract that in any way delays the publications. Requests to withdraw abstracts will be accepted until 15 February 2018. After this date, abstracts selected for presentation must be presented. If the presenting author of a selected abstract cannot attend, they should assign a replacement and inform EBCC secretariat of the replacement as soon as possible.

Abstract Topic Categories

  • Advanced Disease
  • Advocacy
  • Basic and Translational Research
  • Follow up
  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle/Prevention including Secondary Prevention
  • Local Regional Treatment - Radiotherapy
  • Local Regional Treatment – Surgery
  • Nursing
  • Optimal Diagnosis
  • Rehabilitation/Survivorship
  • Risk Factors
  • Screening
  • Supportive and Palliative Care including end of life treatment
  • Systemic Treatment
  • Miscellaneous (only if none of the above topics apply to the abstract subject).
Embargo Policy

The European Breast Cancer Conference intends to publish selected abstracts online on its website 2 weeks before the conference. You must inform us by e-mail if you do not want your abstract published online 2 weeks before the conference (this will also be mentioned in the abstract acceptance/rejected mail). If we do not receive a response to this e-mail, your abstract will be automatically published online.

Abstracts, where the author does not consent, will be published on the first day of the conference except for Oral, Late Breaking and Media selected abstracts which will be published on the day of the presentation.

Information contained in the abstract as well as additional data and information to be presented must not be made public before the abstract has been presented at the EBCC-11 conference.

The first author and co-authors must not release the research/study to news media.

If the policy is violated, the abstract will be automatically withdrawn from presentation and from publication online.



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