European Cancer Organisation

European Breast Cancer Arts and Humanities Award


The 2018 EBCC Arts and Humanities Prize is awarded to:

Photo project “Cicatrices” by François Perri, Photographer and Josefina Díaz Rubio, breast cancer survivor (Spain) 

Photographer François Perri lives between Menorca and Paris. He attended the Sudre photography school, and specialised very early in ethno sociological features.

Josefina asked François in June of 2013 if he could do some photos for her as she had just found out that she had breast cancer. He remembers that she asked with her “usual delicacy”, suggesting that he give it some thought because it would be a long process, and maybe have a sad end. Josefina added that the photos were just for her, for personal use. At that point, there was no project or book, let alone an exhibition.

Once they had chosen the photos, they had to decide how to tell Josefina’s story. They opted to show her illness in chronological order, without props or artifices. No artifice in the photos, no artifice in the narrative. The aim was not beauty, no the aim was not beauty: if taking photos is writing with light, what we shouldn’t forget to do is read the words hidden behind each image.

The photos have been exhibited in a small church in Menorca and made into a book.



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