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Unresectable liver and pancreatic tumors: beyond the limit with Electrochemotherapy



Date: Thursday 11 October 2018 Time: 13:00 – 14:10 CET  Location: Lehar meeting room

Chairs: Prof. Riccardo Audisio, Göteborg University, Sweden
Prof. György Lázár, Szeged University, Hungary

Start Title
13:00 Unresectable liver tumors: Electrochemotherapy during open surgery
  Ibrahim Edhemovic, Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Slovenia
13:15 Minimally invasive liver ablation with electroporation technologies
  Philipp Wiggermann, Städtisches Klinikum Braunschweig
13:30 Unresectable pancreatic tumors: face the challenge with Electrochemotherapy
  Francesco Izzo, Institute of Oncology Pascale Naples, Italy
13:45 Discussion
14:00 Close


All Faculty Discussion
All Faculty Discussion
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