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The Workshop on Methods in Clinical Cancer Research is an educational programme that introduces junior clinical oncologists in any oncology subspecialty to the principles of good clinical trial design.

Since 1999, this well-recognised and CME accredited Workshop progressed with each subsequent edition to reinforce its value.

The presence of a strong research base is essential to the future of good quality cancer care. Clinical scientists who are able to set up and run high-quality clinical trials are vital to the advancement of new therapies. This Workshop was established to reverse the decline in numbers of clinical scientists. The ultimate goal is to develop a robust, expanding base of well-trained clinical researchers by providing them with the essential training to conduct better clinical and translational trial designs.

Participants propose a trial protocol when applying to the Workshop and complete writing the protocol through the course of the Workshop. The development of the protocol is not intended to be a practice run as participants are expected to make every effort to implement their protocol.

The six day scientific programme incorporates four educational formats to respond to a variety of learning needs - protocol development group sessions, small group discussion sessions, lectures and panel discussions, and meet-your-expert sessions for individual counselling and advice on protocol and career development.  

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