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Society Grant Opportunities

Society Grant Opportunities are awarded by national cancer organisations and oncology societies to provide junior clinical oncologists with the opportunity to attend the annual Flims Workshop 'Methods in Clinical Cancer Research'.

The bodies who award Fellowship Grants contribute to the very specific aims of this European Workshop which are as follows:

  • To train a group of young oncologists from any discipline in the principles of good clinical trial design and give them the tools needed to conduct those trials that will yield clear results and have the potential to impact on future research and clinical practice;
  • To expose oncologists who are in training posts to the full spectrum of challenges in clinical research, from trials involving conventional antineoplastic agents, radiotherapy and multidisciplinary treatment regimens to gene therapy and targeted treatments, in the expectation that they will want to devote all or a portion of their future careers to some aspect of clinical research;
  • To develop an expanding base of well-trained experienced researchers whose expertise will foster better clinical trial designs and thereby hasten the introduction of improved regimens for cancer therapy and prevention into everyday medical practice and patient care.

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