European Cancer Organisation

Preliminary Workshop Programme

The Scientific Sessions have been specially formulated to cater for all learning needs and will use one of the following four formats:


Protocol Development Sessions

These sessions form the core activity of this Workshop and allow students to complete the writing of their protocol by applying the knowledge acquired during the Workshop. Students will receive detailed critiques of their proposals from the experts in the field in small groups comprising a maximum of 10 people.


Meet Your Expert Sessions

One-to-one sessions where students will have access to experts providing individual counselling and advice on protocol and career development.


Small Group Discussion Sessions

These sessions focus on topics that are essential to the success of clinical trials as well facilitating discussion on and around the difficulties and challenges of a particular type of trial. They are limited in size to maximise exchange of information.


Lectures and Panel Discussions

Presentations by experts in the field on specific topics will provide participants with an overview of the design and conduct of high-quality clinical trials. This will be followed by a panel discussion or round table session
during which Faculty and students can explore issues raised during the talks in greater depth.

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