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The Methods in Clinical Cancer Research Workshop is an educational programme that introduces junior oncologists in any oncology subspecialty to the principles of good clinical trial design. The presence of a strong research base is essential to the future of good quality cancer care. Since 1999, this annual workshop has been held in the last full  week of June. The participants propose a trial protocol when applying to the Workshop, complete the writing of the protocol throughout the course of the Workshop, and then implement the protocol upon returning home.

This Workshop was established 17 years ago to reverse the decline in the numbers of clinical scientists. The ultimate objective of the Workshop is to develop a robust, expanding base of well-trained clinical researchers by providing them with the essential training to conduct better clinical and translational trial designs.
This well-recognised and CME accredited workshop is a yearly recurring event going into its 18th edition. The Workshop is jointly organised by ECCO (the European CanCer Organisation), AACR (the American Association for Cancer Research), EORTC (the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer) and ESMO (the European Society for Medical Oncology).

Such an enterprise can only be fully successful if all important stakeholders take part. As such, Medical Societies are also invited to be part of this project and show involvement in an educational programme that will ultimately contribute to better research and improved public health worldwide.

Providing grants to fellows is believed to be a form of social responsibility, which will ultimately lead to benefiting patient treatment outcomes.

This Prospectus outlines the grant support opportunities available.

Thanking you for your support.

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