European Cancer Organisation


The Flims Alumni Club was created:

  • To foster the active involvement of young cancer specialists in clinical as well as translational research

  • To promote the teaching, study and dissemination of methods in cancer research, and thus contribute to increase the quality of clinical trials and translational research

  • To promote the concept of a multidisciplinary approach as being the cornerstone and original basis of modern oncology
  • To  foster the mobility of young cancer clinicians among different European countries, promoting the establishment of a network for educational exchanges
  • To provide a forum to disseminate accurate information, address issues relevant to young cancer specialists, and develop a sense of community by fostering interactions among its members
  • To promote a productive dialogue between young cancer specialists and the European and non-European Cancer Societies

The FAC is therefore solely dedicated to the fight against cancer and to decrease its impact on public health.

The FAC's activities are therefore not-for-profit.


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