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1st Immunotherapy of Cancer Conference (ITOC1)

Welcome to ITOC1

ITOC-1 is the first European meeting intended to provide a platform for preclinical and clinical researchers in the field of immunotherapy.  The concept is timely and necessary as agents have been licensed and arrived in clinical practice and many more similar drugs are expected to follow.

Due to the exciting developments of molecular biology during the past decade and our increasing understanding of the mechanisms relevant to the genesis of cancer, we have experienced a transition from disease to target-oriented therapy. This has a strong impact on the development paradigm of cancer therapeutics. Nowhere is this more apparent than in molecular targeted therapy.

The goal of the Conference is to provide a forum for discussion of early clinical drug development and address its unique challenges of drug development.  The programme will focus on topics such as immunomodulatory agents, anti-cancer vaccines and monoclonal antibodies with special emphasis on translational research and biomarker development.

ITOC-1 is designed to provide a highly interactive platform. In so doing, it attracts a multi-stakeholder attendance connecting preclinical and clinical scientists, clinicians, healthcare professionals, academia and other stakeholders who are involved in the development of novel anticancer agents.


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