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Quality Cancer Care Week


Quality Cancer Care Week

The European CanCer Organisation (ECCO) is leading a week of awareness-raising and debate stimulation on the topic of quality cancer care:

  • what quality cancer care consists of;
  • how to measure it; and
  • how to implement it.


The second edition of the Quality Cancer Care Week will run from Monday 4 November to Sunday 10 November 2019.


Live events at political centrepoints

The first event “Quality Cancer Care: Data as a driver for improvement” will take place on Tuesday 5 November in Brussels. Guided by the EURECCA project, speakers will examine the role of cancer registries to drive improvement in quality cancer care, and the unaddressed policy needs to heighten the impact and use of data to this end.

A second event will take place in the Netherlands. Marking an important expansion of the week beyond Brussels to national capitals, speakers will examine the topic ‘Quality Cancer Care in the Netherlands, in European Perspective’. Successes in approach in the Netherlands will be explored, alongside opportunities for improvement and lessons available from other health systems.


Social media activity across all member and supporter platforms

Alongside the event series, ECCO secretariat will coordinate with its members and other supporters a week-long series of themed social media campaigning related to Quality Cancer Care. A campaign guide is currently under development, aiming to promote the contribution of all named professions within the ERQCC papers.  

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