European Cancer Organisation

Roundtable: Building the roadmap to outcomes-based cancer care



6 November 2018, 09:00-12:30 | Brussels, Belgium
Domus Medica, Rue de l'Industrie 24, 1040 Brussels



A roundtable event to share the results of the ECCO-CODE joint research project on pragmatic outcome measurement and to chart a path forward for policy makers in respect to achieving the promise of outcomes based healthcare.

  • Learn more about the immediate available steps to advance outcomes based payment models in cancer care
  • Debate the next steps for Governments, health systems, health professions and civic society to take to achieve a more sustainable future in which innovations in cancer care can flourish across Europe
  • Influence the workplans of ECCO, CODE and others driving the debate on outcomes based cancer care

Representatives from the European Parliament, the European Commission, national governments, healthcare professions, academia, health NGOs, patient advocacy groups and ECCO member societies are all invited to attend and participate in this multi-stakeholder Roundtable.


Download the Agenda here.

Download the Slide Deck here.

Download the roundtable report here

View photos from the event here






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