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NEWS: ECCO President Peter Naredi on ECCO in 2016

Pick up the new issue of Cancer World magazine for an illuminating piece from Professor Peter Naredi, ECCO President.

Speaking of ECCO’s unique multidisciplinary vision for the readership of Cancer World, Peter Naredi says:

“We recently took the time to re-evaluate our role in European cancer care, inviting the insights of patients and member societies.   We came out of this process with a vision to improve outcomes for all cancer patients in Europe through multidisciplinarity. 

Our core purpose is to provide a cohesive platform promoting the concept and practice of multidisciplinarity across all areas of cancer care and to be the united voice of European cancer professionals to address common policy issues.

As a federation of 23 professional societies working in oncology in Europe and beyond, ECCO is fully equipped and best positioned to achieve this purpose.”

Peter Naredi shares his thoughts on ECCO’s strategic plan and current priorities. He focuses on ECCO’s unique strengths as an organisation:

“ECCO member societies bring their advanced expertise to this work drawing on the huge progress they have made in designing guidelines and delivering education to their own membership…. ECCO has placed the patient perspective at the core of its work.  Patient advocacy organisations are actively involved through their participation in the ECCO Patient Advisory Committee whose Chair sits on the ECCO Board.”

Read the full article in Cancer World and stay tuned for more from ECCO President Peter Naredi as the year unfolds!

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