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NEWS: 5-11 March is Quality Cancer Care Week

From 5th-11th March 2018 the European CanCer Organisation (ECCO) will lead a week of awareness-raising activity and debate stimulation on the topic of quality cancer care: what it consists of; how to measure it; and how to implement it. 
Each day of the Quality Cancer Care Week will be devoted to a specific theme:

Monday, 5 March  Multidisciplinarity
Tuesday, 6 March  How can we improve the quality of care provided to cancer patients in Europe?
Wednesday, 7 March  Specialised units
Thursday, 8 March Inequalities
Friday, 9 March Rehabilitation and Survivorship
Saturday, 10 March  Education and Training
Sunday, 11 March  Measurement

In the following link you will have access to a handy campaign toolkit related to the key themes of QCCW: 

We invite you to:
  • Engage with @EuropeanCancer on Twitter by using #qualitycancercar and deliver your own messages through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms you may be using
  • Promote QCCW on your organisation’s website and link to the event homepage
  • Mention the QCCW and encourage your audience to engage with the campaign through your organisation’s newsletter(s)
  • Participate in QCCW activities (e.g. QCCW event in the European Parliament, advocate for quality cancer care)

We hope for your active participation! 

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