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The summer issue of Cancer World is already out. In this issue you will find the following pieces and much more…..

Winning where it matters

We’re winning our battles to find better treatments for blood cancers, but most patients will keep losing their battles until they can get access. Guest Editor Franco Cavalli looks at efforts to address the problem and calls on everyone in the cancer community to play their part.

Shortages of generic cancer medicines are harming patients. So why can’t we fix it? 

Despite more than a decade of efforts to address the problem, cancer patients across Europe and the US still cannot rely on essential drugs being available when they need them. Rachel Brazil looks at the size of the problem, its impact on patients and professionals, and the efforts to put in place policies and alternative business models that could offer a solution.

Dina Tiniakos: President of the European Society of Pathology

Precision cancer medicine has put a spotlight on the role of pathologist, whose job it is to provide an accurate diagnosis as well as prognostic and predictive information on which to tailor the treatment plan. Cancer World asked Dina Tiniakos, President of the European Society of Pathology, how pathologists are rising to the challenge.

If it’s approved but not reimbursed, what do you say?

We publish the findings of our survey asking cancer doctors across Europe: what do you tell your patient when there is a drug approved that could benefit them, but it is not reimbursed?



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