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NEWS: Period of Open Comment on the ECCO 2019 European Cancer Summit Draft Resolution And Actions on HPV Elimination

The European CanCer Organisation (ECCO) brings together 27 European level societies involved in cancer care in order to provide a cohesive platform for European cancer societies and organisations to work together to improve cancer patient outcomes and to be the unified voice of the European cancer professionals community when addressing common policy issues.

To this end, the annual ECCO European Cancer Summit provides a unique time and a place for the cancer community to come together and pass public resolutions on the changes, goals and unified desires commonly shared by all stakeholders present. The Summit resolutions are therefore powerful signals to the broader policy environment of the actions required to further advance cancer care, treatment and outcomes.

The draft Summit resolution on HPV elimination is published today, 21 August 2019, for open comment from any interested stakeholder. 

Comments are invited via the ECCO 2019 Summit website until a deadline of Sunday 8 September 2019 17:00 CEST. 

A final draft resolution, taking account of further remarks received during the open comment period, will be voted upon at the ECCO 2019 European Cancer Summit at a special session dedicated to HPV elimination on Thursday 12 September. 

Commenting on the publication of the draft resolution, ECCO President and Summit Chair Prof Philip Poortmans said:

"I am delighted that the European CanCer Organisation (ECCO), with its member societies (ESGO, EONS, ESOP, IPOS), has been teaming up with a large network of interested organisations and experts to put forward a precise resolution for the EU on the elimination of HPV-related cancer and diseases. This will be voted on at the ECCO 2019 European Cancer Summit, and will be accompanied by a recommended Action Plan, and additional detailed papers thereafter. We hope, by this facilitation and network building effort, to play our part in invigorating an exciting decade of progress fighting cancer in Europe."

View the Draft Summit Resolution here.



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