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Oncopolicy Forum 2012

Ensuring oncology remains at the top of the EU policy agenda

More than one hundred leaders in European cancer policy gathered together at the fourth Oncopolicy Forum organised by ECCO – the European CanCer Organisation, to discuss the scientific, ethical, financial and practical challenges of making personalised cancer medicine a reality.

Distinguished speakers from the EU institutions, patient groups, and the scientific and oncology communities called for a raft of measures to ensure that personalised cancer medicine is able to deliver on its promises to patients. Delegates were told that unprecedented levels of cooperation, both within and outside oncology, will be needed to tackle the scientific, ethical, financial, and practical challenges of personalised medicine. The significance of personalised medicine is undeniable. However, many hurdles must be overcome to enable rapid development and implementation of its results. 

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    This year's Oncopolicy Forum took place on 11 October 2012 at the Bibliothèque Solvay, Brussels

    • Oncopolicy Forum 2012 - Shaping the landscape of oncology [updated: 16 Oct 2012]


    The Oncopolicy Forum is a multidisciplinary platform occurring annually to harness the expertise and experience of the entire oncology community to bridge the gap between science and policy. It maximises the potential for achieving real change through consensus. It is a unique event for guiding policymaking in Europe that takes place either takes place in Brussels or, in alternate years, during the biennial European Cancer Congress organised by ECCO.

    The Oncopolicy Forum - an ECCO initiative because every cancer patient deserves the best



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