European Cancer Organisation

Patient perspective in scientific programme

Update: 07/09/16

Organ Tracks

Critical Reviews of Presented Trials and Implication in Practice
(patient advocates as co-chairs and panel discussants)

Breast Cancer: Mona Knotek-Roggenbauer (AT)
Central Nervous System: Kathy Oliver (UK)
Colorectal Cancer: Jola-Gore Booth (UK)
Haematology (myeloma): Sarper Diler (TK)
Head & Neck: Henrike Korn (DE)
Melanoma: G. Spurrier-Bernard (FR)
Palliative & Supportive care: N. Philippou (CY)
Thoracic cancers: Bert Van Herk (NL)
Urology: Ken Mastris (UK)
Upper GI: tbc

Clinical symposium:
Sarcomas: M. Wartenberg (DE)

Outcome Research Track

Changing Practice Session: Yes, Data Can Talk Together
Co-Chair: P. Selby (UK)

Health Economics in Cancer Care Track

Changing Practice Session: Value in Oncology Care
Speaker: Geoffrey Henning (UK)

Organisation of Cancer Care Delivery Track

Changing Practice Session: Not Every Cancer Centre
Should Treat Every Cancer Patient. What's the Evidence?
Speaker: Jan Geissler (DE)

Regulatory Track
Regulatory Session: Patient Involvement in Regulatory Discussions
Chair: Jan Geissler (DE)

Patient preference elicitation to design trials and interpret results: Experience with melanoma patients
Speaker: Bettina Ryll (SE)

Educational Track
Educational Session: Recognising and Managing Ethical Challenges in Cancer Care
Panel discussant: Bert van Herk (NL)

Educational Session: Patient Reported Outcomes
Panel discussant: Sema Erdem (TK)

Primary Care Track
Primary Care Session: The Expanding Role of Primary Care in Cancer Management
Discussant: Mona Knotek-Roggenbauer (AT)

Integrated Models of Cancer Management: Bringing Primary Care and Secondary Care Together
Discussant: Ian Banks (IRL)

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