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Value Based Healthcare

As the ECCO position paper on access to innovation makes clear, the necessary starting point to the measurement of value of any innovation is to determine whether it offers real benefits to patients. This requires a comprehensive assessment of its impact on patient outcomes, quality of life, quality of care and costs across the system.

Various approaches have been initiated towards the goal of establishing a transportable understanding of value in healthcare. But what are the optimal approaches, and could it be possible to apply a harmonised approach across different domains (e.g. pharmaceutical and non-systemic treatments)?

It is with these questions in mind that ECCO has launched a project examining value-based healthcare’s application across the cancer care spectrum.

Led by Professor Yolande Lievens (President, ESTRO), phase 1 of the project brings together a core group of experts to identify and reflect on existing methodologies for assessing value, and after critical evaluation, produce initial reflections and recommendations about the additions/adjustments needed for application in non-systemic oncology treatment. 

The members of the expert core group are:

  • Yolande Lievens, (Project Chair), President of ESTRO
  • Riccardo Audisio, Past-President of ESSO
  • Elizabeth De Vries, Co-Chair of the ESMO-MCBS Task Force
  • Cai Grau, Chair of the HERO project
  • Ajay Agarwal, Clinical Oncologist and visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Cancer Policy (King's College London)
  • Laurence Collette, Head of Statistics Department, EORTC
  • Kathy Oliver, Co-Director, International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA)

In the second phase of the project, input and scrutiny will be invited from a wider range of stakeholders in order to refine propositions. Individuals interested in involvement in this second phase of the project are invited to contact


The results of ECCO’s value based healthcare project published in the Lancet Oncology

‘Towards an evidence-informed value scale for surgical and radiation oncology: a multi-stakeholder perspective’ examines the approaches of organisations such as ESMO, ASCO and NCCN for assessing value in the domain of systemic oncology treatment, with a view to potential application of similar principles to non-systemic oncology treatment.

Findings showed that: 

  • the value frameworks developed by ESMO, ASCO and NCCN are not immediately transferable to locoregional cancer treatments;
  • the existence of an initial benchmarking of the value of new drugs by regulatory agencies who grant or do not grant market authorization has greatly facilitated the development of value scales for systemic anticancer treatments. A similar assessment should be developed for locoregional cancer therapies, such as surgery and radiotherapy;
  • such a mechanism, ideally in the form of a practical tool or scale, should include evidence from real-world (ie, data from patients treated in daily practice) and clinical trials and include the whole spectrum of patient-centred endpoints;
  • this type of scale could help optimise patient access to high-value developments in surgery and radiotherapy, ultimately raise the evidence bar for new innovations introduced into clinical practice, and ensure that investment in research and development provides the opportunity for substantial improvement in cancer care.

Access the paper here.


Further news about the progress of the project will be shared on this page and via the ECCO newsletter.



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