European Cancer Organisation

Integration of Care

Integration of CareBreaking down silos in cancer care is what ECCO is all about.

ECCO’s original guiding mission was to break down the professional barriers between cancer professionals. Increasingly however, it is evident as well that barriers between primary and secondary care also need to be addressed if the full potential of integrated care to achieve excellent quality of care is to be achieved.


ECCO and its member organisations call for:

  • A multidisciplinary and patient-centric approach to integrated cancer care, in order to achieve best outcomes and quality of care for patients
  • Predefined coordination of the total care process, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all involved healthcare professionals
  • Concerted attention to the improvement of communication between differing professionals and sectors involved in cancer care, including via IT investment and improvement, and integration of education
  • The development of integration models that reflect the differing patient needs associated with different cancer types (such as set out in the ECCO Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care documents)

Building up on the ECCO position statement on integrated cancer care and its Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care (ERQCC) project, ECCO will seek to define the essential requirements for primary care interventions throughout the cancer care pathway.


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